1949 Yasukichi Sumimoto establishes the Tokyo Sewing Corporation
1950 Name changed to Tokyo Style Co.,Ltd.
1959 Opening of Sapporo branch
1964 Adoption of draping. First in the industry to adopt multi sizing and create oversea partnership with Jeanne Lanvin of France.
1969 Opening of Osaka branch
1970 Partnership with Cojana of UK
1971 Commencement of fashion company such as, "Mydol""EVAN-PICONE" and "LEPORTE", created a new market in the business. Known as the Missy casual market.
1973 Osaka office opens a new market of "DELICE Sports" Creating a large size market.
1975 The Osaka branch and Osaka office were unified leading to an, establishment of sales office in Osaka and Fukuoka.
Sapporo branch was promoted to a sales office.
Promoted to second section of Tokyo stock market.
1976 Due to business expansion, the head office was relocated to Kojimachi, in Tokyo's Chiyoda ward.
1977 Commencement of fashion brand "Plidoul" starts, creating a small size market. Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1978 Unifieing all the Product Management Center and opening a Sales Center in Shinjuku. New building for Osaka branch office was created
1979 President and representative director Yasukichi Sumimoto was named Chairman of Board of Directors, Managing Director Yoshio Takano was named as President and representative director.
1980 Opening of "MOSAIQUE"a boutique in Paris.
Sapporo and Fukuoka sales offices were promoted to branch offices.
Company founder Yasukichi Sumimoto passes away.
1985 Commencement of "Style".
Opening of Utsunomiya distribution center in Utsunomiya City.
Commencement of marketing of "Aylesbury".
1988 Renewed brand "Style"designed by Koji Watanabe starts their sales.
1989 Establishment of Tokyo Style Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
1991 Sales of "GERARD DAREL"starts.
1993 Sales of "22OCTOBRE"starts.
1994 Establishment of jinshan factory in Shanghai(Shanghai Tokyo Clothing Co. Ltd).
Opening of taicang factory in Suzhou(Suzhou Tokyo Clothing Co. Ltd).
Sales of "BRIGITTE" starts.
1996 Sales of "Bisty" starts.
1999  50th anniversary since the establishment of the company.
2000 Sales of "Style Com" and "STYLE ME" starts.
2001 Sales of "nanette lepore" starts.
2003 Introduction of corporate officer system.
Nano Universe Co. Ltd. joins group.
2004 Foundation of Shanghai Tokyo Apparel limited Private Company.
Grouped with Jack Co. LTD.
2006 Sales of "Style Com" and "22 OCTOBRE" starts over the internet.
Sales of "COLIENU"starts, established by Palmel Co. Ltd.
2007 Establishment of Shanghai Tokyo Clothing Ltd (Transfer of control of operations of Tokyo Shanghai Xiaoshou Ltd).
2008 "GERARD DAREL" renamed "SCENE DEUX".
Spic International Co. Ltd. joins group.
2009 ijiit Co. Ltd joins group.
death of Representative Director Yoshio Takano.
Managing Director Yoshiki Nakajima named as President and Representative director.
2010 Commencement of television marketing of "Partenaire".
Commencement of marketing of New York new contemporary casual brand
"haute hippie".
Commencement of marketing of "Lovedrose", new brand aimed at metropolitan fashion buildings and semi metropolitan sales outlets
Acquired equity in Beijing Tsubomi Fashion Co., Ltd., a Chinese ladies apparel company.
Announced management integration with SANEI-INTERNATIONAL.
2011 Launched sales of "cocofuku," a natural and relaxing fashion brand offered at department stores.
Launched sales of TOOL faith, an upscale, contemporary, and casual brand offered at department stores.
Acquired FIT CO., LTD. as a subsidiary.
Set up a factory in Qidong, Jiangsu (Tokyo Clothing (Qidong) Limited).
Started full operation of the new Ichikawa Logistics Center.
Closed Shinjuku Sales Center, Utsunomiya Logistics Center and Hatogaya Product Control Center.
Established TSI HOLDINGS CO., LTD., a joint holding company with SANEI-INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.
Announced introduction of JILL STUART, a SANEI-INTERNATIONAL brand, to China.
Acquired Elephant Corporation and Rose Bud Co., Ltd. as subsidiaries.
Launched “SERENE Dept.”, a new entry-level brand targeted at high-style fashion devotees in the F1 grouping (early 20s to mid 30s).
ARPEGE Co., Ltd. joins group.
WAVE International Co., Ltd. joins the group.
2012 Yoshiki Nakajima, President and Representative Director, retires.
Masahiko Miyake, Chairman of the Board, President, Representative Director of TSI Holdings Co., Ltd., is appointed as President and Representative Director of Tokyo Style Co., Ltd.
Rebecca Minkoff, a new contemporary fashion brand based in New York, launches sales.
Keita Maruyama Tokyo Paris launches sales.
Odorantes Nano Universe, a specialty store launched by Nano Universe Co., Ltd., opens its first outlet.